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Ireland’s Ancient East Day tour from Dublin


Ireland’s Ancient East

DEPARTURE TIME: 8:00AM (Arrive 10mins before)

DEPARTURE LOCATION: Molly Malone Statue on Suffolk Street  -  SEE MAP


Adult - €40

Student (13-16) / Senior  -   €35

Children (5-12)  -  €20

Infant (0-4)  -  Free



Our Ireland’s Ancient East day tour takes you to some of Ireland’s most ancient and historic sites. The majority of the tour takes place in County Meath, also known as the Royal County. From here, the High Kings of Ireland ruled the land. Visit the passage tombs of Loughcrew where you will see 5000 year old artwork carved into the stone. Your guide will tell you about the significance of the location of the carvings; prepare to be amazed by ancient ingenuity.

We also visit the town of Trim where you will get the chance to walk around the grounds of Trim Castle, the largest and best preserved Anglo-Norman castle in the country and the setting of many scenes in the film, ‘Braveheart’. Visit the famous Hill of Tara, teeming with history and views for miles around. The High Kings ruled from this spot and it was said they could see a quarter of the entire land from here. On a clear day, the views are certainly impressive! Another highlight of this tour is Monasterboise, famous for its many Celtic high crosses and and a round tower. We finish with a tour of the town of Drogheda, a town with a fascinating history.



8:00am - Depart from Dublin
Our passengers for the Ireland’s Ancient East day tour meet at the Molly Malone Statue on Suffolk Street as we leave Dublin travelling north to the royal county of Meath.
9:30am - Loughcrew Passage Tombs
We arrive at Loughcrew, a sacred site with approximately 30 passage tombs. Steeped in Irish historic importance, Loughcrew is the burial site of the legendary High King of Ireland, Ollamh Fodhla. Enter the tomb by flash light and marvel at the Celtic designs carved into the rock 5,000 years ago.
11:00am - Trim Castle
Enjoy a breathtaking drive through Irish countryside to our stop at Trim Castle. Here you will get the chance to walk through the grounds of this 800 year old Anglo-Norman castle. You may recognise it from some of the best fight scenes in the film Braveheart! Located on the edge of Trim town, the castle was the stronghold of Hugh de Lacy who was granted the Kingdom of Meath by King Henry II. Since then the castle has been used for many different purposes, but is largely unchanged in its 800 years.
12:20pm - Hill of Tara
We arrive at the most sacred site in ancient Ireland – the Hill of Tara and the seat of the High Kings. On a clear day you can see a quarter of Ireland’s landscape from this point. Getting its name from Teamhair na Ri – meaning the Sanctuary of the Kings, Tara is the traditional inauguration site of the ancient High Kings and historically the most important site in Ireland. Your guide will give you all the historic information about this amazing site on your trip.
2:45pm - Monasterboice Monastic Site
Next we visit the religious site of Monasterboice where you will see the finest high crosses in Ireland. They are regarded as one of the finest examples of Irish religious artefacts. Monasterboise was founded by Saint Buite in the 5th century and holds the second highest round tower in Ireland. We spend 20 minutes here until we head towards our final stop of the tour.
3:30pm - Drogheda
You will have approximately 2 hours in Drogheda where a local guide from My Street will walk and talk you through this fascinating town steeped in Irish history. We visit St Peters Church where you can see the decapitated head of St. Oliver Plunkett – an unusual shrine!  Hear the stories of Drogheda’s strength against attack and how it fell to Oliver Cromwell. Have some free time to explore the town before we head back to Dublin
5:15pm - Back to Dublin
We make our way back to Dublin with an arrival time of approximately 6:00pm.



Loughcrew Boyne valley tour

Cairn T Loughcrew


The passage tombs of the Boyne Valley date back to 3000 BC. The Loughcrew area has many megalithic tombs and cairns but the most impressive is Cairn T. This passage tomb is very well preserved and has many stone carvings. It is aligned with the rising sun in the Spring and with the Autumn Equinox when sunlight illuminates the back stone at the end of the passage.


Hill of Tara

Hill of tara, Boyne valley tour

Hill of Tara


The Hill of Tara is recognised as an area of huge historical significance. Buildings on the site no longer exist as they would have been constructed from wood rather than stone. All that is left are the mounds that would have surrounded the constructions and the mound of the hostages which predates the main purpose of the Hill of Tara. The Hill of Tara was the coronation place of the High Kings of Ireland.


Trim Castle

Trim castle, Boyne valley tour

Trim Castle


This is the best preserved and most impressive Norman castle in Ireland. The castle was built by Hugh de Lacy in 1172. The grounds are extensive and have many outer constructions worth exploring. The castle was attacked and burned by the forces of Irish High King, Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair. De Lacy immediately began to rebuild the castle after the attack and his son Walter continued his work to rebuild the castle with completion occurring in 1224.



Boyne Valley tour

High Cross at Monasterboice

 Monasterboice was founded in the 5th century by Saint Buithe, but the two churches on site date to the 14th century. The round tower which is the second tallest in Ireland dates to the 11th century. The tallest round tower in Ireland can be found at Kilmacduagh in County Galway, standing at 32.5 metres (112 feet).Monasterboice is home to two of Ireland’s best preserved high crosses, they have intricate carvings on both sides depicting scenes from the old and new testament. Admire the ancient carvings and take in the surrounding cemetery – a place to see Irish history with your own eyes.



Celtic Boyne Valley Tour

I very much enjoyed this tour. We had sufficient time at all the stops and our tour guide Alec was nice and informative.
I can definitely recommend this tour to anyone.

Trip Advisor March 2017

So great!

My family took a trip the the Celtic Boyne Valley. There were few people and we travelled in a small van. The intimate experience really made me feel like I was right in the center of Irish history. Tour Guide Alex is great!

Trip advisor March 2017

Celtic Boyne tour with Alex

Wonderful day! Educational! Exciting! Our group thoroughly enjoyed our tour. From the moment we left Molly Malone, right up to our pint at Clarks in Drogheda; Alex had us informed, comfortable and captivated with the Irish experience.

Trip advisor February 2017

Celtic tour

Incredible experience we had on the Celtic tour. We went through the history of Ireland. Our guide made the whole tour very pleasant, and was very knowledgeable about everything related to Ireland. It was so much better than renting a car and organising it ourselves. Going into Loughcrew Cairn was an unbelievable experience.


How long is the tour?

The tour takes approximately 10 hours starting at 8 am and finishing at 6 pm.

Do we stop for lunch?

Yes, we factor in 1 hour for lunch and take you to a good cafe. Lunch is not included however feel free to bring a packed lunch if you wish.

Are all entrance fees covered?

Yes, the customer has no extra expense except for lunch.

What should I wear ? 

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and footwear (boots if possible with good tread) as we spend a lot of time off the bus and we will have to hike a little over open ground. Ground can be wet and muddy due to Ireland’s weather so we recommend suitable shoes are always worn.

Is there a reduction for student / seniors?

There is a €5 reduction for students and seniors.

Is there a reduction for children ?

Yes, children between 5yrs and 12yrs are half price.  Infants between 0yrs and 4yrs are Free.  Infant seats are available to add on the booking page at a cost of €15 each.  ( not compulsory ).

Is there a reduction for multiple bookings?

There is €5 reduction when you book a second tour and another €7 reduction on booking of a third tour.

Can we book this day tour as a private tour ?

Yes,  all our tours are available as private bookings for any group size.  For prices and further information please call our sales team at +00353 1 4100 700.

Do we have a tour of Trim castle?

Entrance into Trim castle grounds is covered but we do not enter the castle itself. Entrance to the castle is a guided tour and takes an hour. We do not spend that long at this location so this is not possible.

How old Is the tombs at Loughcrew?

The tomb at Loughcrew dates back to 3000BC and is aligned with the Spring Equinox.  This type of tomb is known as a passage tomb and has many fascinating rock art on the interior wall put there by our ancestors.




Celtic Boyne Valley
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