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Cork / Blarney Day tour from Dublin


Cork / Blarney Castle Tour

Day Tour from Dublin

DEPARTURE TIME: 6:50AM (Arrive 10mins before) DEPARTURE LOCATION: Suffolk Street (See map) PRICE:€55 Adult PRICE: €50 Student – Senior – 13yrs / 16yrs PRICE: €27.50 Child 5yrs / 12yrs PRICE: Children under 5 free


Cork is known as Ireland’s second city, although the people that reside there believe that it is the “real” capital! Located right at the southern tip of Ireland, Cork is known for its historical landmarks and vibrant cultural scene.  This tour will take you on a voyage through history as you visit a castle, a monastery and Cork city itself. We provide ample time for you to explore Blarney Castle and the Rock of Cashel and to relax in the surrounding gardens.  Our Cork and Blarney tour leaves Dublin daily at 6.50 and we arrive back in Dublin between 7.00 and 7.30.  You will be travelling directly south to visit Cork city. The detailed itinerary is below.

Irish day tours run 6 day tours from Dublin daily - Cliffs of Moher day tour - Giants causeway day tour –  Connemara day tour – Belfast day tour – Cork and Blarney day tour – Celtic Day tour


6:50am - Departing from Dublin
We depart at the crack of dawn from the Suffolk Street . Your guide will do a quick introduction of the tour and will make sure that everybody is happy and ready to go. We will be leaving Dublin and passing by the Guinness Factory and also College Green Tourism Office, the best tourism office in the country! Extreme Ireland, our parent company run this office. On the way, we will tell you more about the sights that we pass in the city centre, and maybe advise on the weather you can expect for the day. As we leave Dublin behind, the urban landscape changes to that of the rolling hills and constant hedges of the Irish countryside. We’ll pass an area called The Curragh in County Kildare. This area is ideal for training horses, due to the sandy soil that creates excellent drainage, making it an ideal spot for horse racing. Not surprisingly, the Curragh race track is situated nearby. County Kildare is also well known for horse breeding and vast tracks of lands today are owned by the likes of the Agha Khan and Sheik Mohammed. Close to Kildare Town, you will find the National Stud Farm, world famous for its horse breeding, coupled with the lovely Japanese Gardens.
08:45am - Knockmealdown Mountains
After a short stop over to stretch our legs, we pass the Knockmealdown Mountains, made famous by the folk song “Kitty Borne O’Brien”. This song is a lover’s lament for a young woman who emigrates from Ireland to Canada. Like most Irish songs it is either about a broken heart or fighting with the English! Further along the way, we will see the Galtee Mountains, Ireland’s highest inland mountain range, with its stony scree-covered summit- but more on the Galtee’s under our “Of special interest” section. This is also a famous cheese making area in Ireland. Tipperary is also home to hurling although Kilkenny their neighbour seems to beat them most of the time! Keep your eyes out for handball alleys while on the bus, a traditional sport played mostly in rural Ireland.
10:30am - Blarney Castle
We arrive at Blarney Castle and half the day’s driving is already done! Blarney Castle, famous for its Blarney Stone, also has lovely wooded walks and “Rock Close”- a garden filled with Druidic rock formations, believed to be dating back to pre-historic times. To kiss the stone, you have to bend backwards when on the parrifits of the castle, holding onto iron railings- basically hanging upside down. The reward for your efforts: to be bestowed with the so-called “Gift of the gab.
12:30pm - Arrive in Cork City
We arrive in Cork City, where we have 2 hours to maybe grab some lunch at the English Market (now with a very international flavour), go marvel at the Gothic St. Finbar’s Cathedral, or even ring the bells of Shandon at St. Anne’s Church for a small fee. Cork is home to Murphy’s Ale and the Ford Tractor factor.
05:30pm - Arrive at the Rock of Cashel
At the Rock of Cashel, we visit this great Celtic Cathedral, which include the Hall of Vicars, Cormack’s Chapel, which has one of Ireland’s oldest Romanesque wall paintings and the Round tower, all perched on a solid rock ringed by a curtain wall. This Rock of Cashel, is the seat of the archbishop of the diocese of Cashel and is the sight where the historical synod of Cashel. It dates back from before there Anglo-Norman conquerors and contains an amazing collection of architecture, history and Romanesque art.
04:45pm - Depart the Rock of Cashel
We depart from the Rock of Cashel and return to Dublin, maybe listening to some Irish music and reflecting on the day’s experiences.
07:00pm - Back in Dublin
We arrive back in the capital Dublin around 7 pm after a great and informative day.



Cliffs of Moher and †Blarney‡ Castle/Cork

Looked into several of the day tours provided by different companies and ultimately settled on the Extreme Ireland/Irish Day Tours offered trips. 

The first trip was to Cliffs of Moher and Jim was our guide. Jim was extremely pleasant and accommodating, gave insightful facts about the areas we were driving through or headed to. The Cliffs of Moher were incredible and we had about 2 hours to wander at our leisure. This was a perfect amount of time as it allowed us to walk all up and down the cliffs while still leaving time to check out the visitor center. The other stops were all great but it was worth it just for the cliffs. 

The second tour was to blarney castle and cork city with Joe as our guide. Oh boy was Joe the greatest of all time. The singing, the storytelling, the narration on the drive…he was awesome. He was so good that I’d probably have paid just to have him drive me around all day and not necessarily go anywhere. Joe got us to the Rock of Cashel as it opened so we had the place to ourselves. As we left was when a lot of groups showed up so it was perfect timing. BlarneyCastle was great with plenty of time to see the grounds, grab something to eat, and shop at Blarney Woolen Mills. The stop in Cork was nice though I could have done without, but I did appreciate the more laid back nature of that stop. And then the drive home again with Joe leading the way went by in a flash. His reenactment of the Titanic movie was spot on. 

All in all, if you’re on the fence about a day tour company in Dublin, definitely utilize Extreme Ireland/Irish Day Tours. You won’t be disappointed in the quality of the trip or the value for your money.

Trip advisor July 2016

Blarney‡ day trip 

Our day trip to Blarney Castle was a highlight on our vacation to Ireland! We were lucky enough to have the friendly and funny Gerrard as our tour guide on July 10th, who in more ways than one, made the trip. He was incredibly knowledgeable and had a nice way of articulating the information without making it feel overwhelming. He remained very accommodating throughout the day and thoughtfully planned out how to carry out the itinerary to ensure that we would be walking away with the best possible experience. It certainly felt like we did! The Rock of Cashel was a highlight for us and just as beautiful and mesmerizing as Blarney castle itself. I would definitely recommend day tours through extreme Ireland. Many thanks again to Gerrard! Anyone would be incredibly lucky to have him as a tour guide to experience this beautiful country :).

Trip advisor July 2016

Cork and †Blarney‡ Castle

I did this tour with two other friends and it was really fun. We headed out at 7am and over the course of the day we visited three stops, it included two castles and downtown Cork. Our tour guide, Mr. Joseph, was very funny and literally talked (or sang) the whole trip. Which, mind you, is an all day event. I’m not sure how he keeps it up without getting tired or out of breath. But I adored him and his sense of humour and he really made the trip enjoyable. He told us stories of Ireland which was both folkloric and historical, and he sang to us various folksongs. I learned a lot from him. :) 

It rained a little bit and was quite windy but it wasn’t too horribly bad and the Blarney Castle is worth the visit, especially for those interested in history like me and my friends. I would recommend an actual wind resistant jacket of sorts, versus a regular hoodie, bc sometimes the wind got really bad. Otherwise, the tour itself was superb.

Trip advisor July 2016

Cork and †Blarney Tour

This was our second trip with Extreme Ireland. I really enjoyed our trip to the Cliffs of Moher with our tour guide Jim but our trip to Cork/Blarney with Joseph was phenomenal! He was informative and funny and talked the whole time, which I loved! It was a long trip and I was very happy to be able to spend the long drive giggling at all of his stories/jokes. Would recommend to everyone that is looking for trips outside of Dublin!

Trip advisor June 2016

†Blarney‡ Castle Tour is a must-do

Bud the tour guide took us to a couple of stops, including the BlarneyCastle. I had fun learning about Irish culture from him and listening to his music. This is a great way to see the countryside without renting a car or worrying about public transportation.

Trip advisor June 2016



Cork / Blarney
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