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Wild Connemara Day tour from Dublin


Wild Connemara Day Tour


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Departure Time: 6:30am (Arrive 10mins before)

Departure Location: Molly Malone Statue on Suffolk Street  See Map

Adult  -  €50

Student (13-16) / Senior – €45

Children (5-12)  -  €25

Infant (0-4)  -  Free

Add a meal back in Dublin at The Riddler Restaurant serving modern Irish Food.

( Meal options available to add on our booking page  -  Your guide can drop you off at the restaurant in Christchurch just minutes from the city center by foot )



Join us on our Connemara tour to explore another of Ireland’s 7 Wonders. Connemara is located in Ireland’s beautiful west with unique and breathtaking scenery. On one side you have the Wild Atlantic Ocean and on the other the majestic mountain ranges of the Twelve Bens and Maumturk. Connemara is truly one of the most breathtaking and mysterious regions in all of Ireland. Vibrant colours, wild landscape, lakes and even a fjord await us.

From the very moment you arrive, the mesmerizing beauty of the Connemara National Park will undoubtedly leave you speechless! Explore Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way; discover the intriguing history and mythology of this beautiful area. The unique landscape has captivated Hollywood and it captivates visitors daily to this thriving region. Connemara has enchanted visitors for generations and it will also be a cherished memory for many years to come.  

During your travels, our guides will educate you on the region’s flora and fauna as well as the intriguing history and mythology of this picturesque area. They all are unrivalled in their knowledge of Ireland’s geography and history. Their charming characters and fun loving attitudes will ensure you have plenty of craic on this memorable and unforgettable journey through the region of Connemara.

A trip to Connemara is a must for all travellers to Ireland. It is a place you need to see to believe. When you arrive at the Connemara National Park, be prepared yourself to be stunned by the mesmerizing beauty surrounding you.




6:30am - Departing from Dublin
We depart for our day’s adventure to the wild west of Ireland from the Molly Malone Statue on Suffolk Street.
9:00am - Oughterard
As we bypass Galway, we take the road for Oughterard, said to be the official gateway to Connemara. On the road you will pass beautiful thatched cottages, wild flowers along the hedges and lots of sheep! Sheep have the right of way here, you might see some ambling along the roads. Connemara is part of the county of Galway but is seen as a separate place which has no borders. There is no sign to say you have arrived in Connemara. You will just know you’ve arrived! We pass through Maam Cross and you can take in the spectacular views of numerous lakes and mountains. This is also one of the few pockets of Ireland where locals speak Irish as their first language. These areas of Ireland are known as Gaeltacht regions. Only 3 percent of the country speak fluent Irish so this is a rare experience to see people speaking in the national ancient language. As we move on you will see the Twelve Bens, a mountain range which is a favourite for walkers and hikers from around the world.
10:30am - Killary Fjord / Killary Sheep Farm
We head towards Killary Fjord which is the only true fjord in Ireland! There are thriving mussel beds in the fjord, all rimmed by Mweelrea, the highest mountain range on the west coast. Please note that during the high season (April – October) this tour offers a 1.5 hour boat cruise in Killary Harbour. During the low season (November – March) the boat cruise will not run and instead we will make our way over to the Killary Sheep Farm, a traditional site that hosts approximately 200 ewes and lambs that roam freely across the fjord. The farmer, Tom Nee, herds blackhead-horn sheep as these creatures are better suited to surviving living in the mountains under such harsh conditions. You may even be lucky to see some cute lambs! You will have the unique opportunity to observe Tom performing a skilled sheepdog demonstration as well as providing insight into life on a farm.
12:15pm - The Inagh Valley / Kylemore Abbey
Our next stop is Kylemore Abbey, a romantic castle built among an equally beautiful landscape. Originally built as a luxurious home, today Kylemore Abbey is Connemara’s biggest tourist attraction visited by millions every year. It has been a Benedictine monastery since 1920, as well as an international boarding school and a day school for girls. This school only closed in 2010. It is an impressive sight, the abbey is more like a castle nestled against the mountain and rimmed by the lake. The location is simply picturesque! You can also go inside the abbey, however we do not include entrance to the abbey as part of our tour. Next we travel through one of Connemara’s most beautiful places, The Inagh Valley. You will be guaranteed to lose your mobile reception along here which is a welcome break from the outside world as you relax and take in the amazing views.
2:00pm - Village of Leenane to Galway city
We pass through the little village of Leenane where the enigmatic movie “The Field” was filmed. The story of Bull McCabe really instills the importance of land in every Irish person’s mindset. We will be driving in a circular route that will take in the Sheefry Hills before making our way back to Maum and then onto Galway city.
3:15pm - Galway city
Spend approximately an hour and a half walking & sightseeing around Galway city before departing back for Dublin. Visit the main shopping district, walk down to the busy harbour and see the Spanish Arch. Galway is a bohemian and vibrant city with a very young population. Home to the Claddagh Ring and 14 families, there is amazing history in this city. This was the last place Christopher Columbus visited before making his way over to the West Indies.
7:00pm - Arrive back in Dublin
To finish off, we’ll arrive back in Dublin to reminisce about all of the exciting highlights! 



Connemara mountains, Connemara Tour

Connemara National Park

The Connemara National park has no visible boundary but it is obvious you are there by the sheer beauty of the region. It covers 2957 hectares and contains lakes mountains and bogs and the Wild Atlantic way coastline. The scenery is absolutely stunning and on a fine day it is one of the most beautiful places in Ireland


KILLARY BOAT CRUISE  -  (April – Oct )

Killary Harbour Cruise, Connemara day tour

Killary Boat Cruise

The Killary Boat Cruise  takes 90 minutes. You can relax have a coffee and listen to a very interesting commentary as you  cruise around Ireland’s only true Fjord. Take in the stunning scenery of the Mweelrae mountain the rolling hills.



Picture Inagh valley, Connemara day tour

Inagh Valley

The drive through the Inagh Valley  is one of the most scenic stretches you will ever travel with heather covered mountains and beautiful Lakes. Every where you look is like a picture perfect postcard. The scenery is constantly changing with the seasons as the heather changes colour or on a daily basis as the relection of the light on the lakes changes the appearance of its surround.



Connemara Tour Kylemore Abbey

Kylemore Abbey

Kylemore Abbey was originally built by Mitchell Henry for his wife Margaret when she fell in love with the area while holidaying there. It became a benedictine Abbey in 1920 when it was purchased by the nuns fleeing world war 1. It was a boarding school for girls until 2010. It is still a benedictine Abbey but is now open to the public. Its setting in the beautiful landscape is stunning and has become an iconic image associated with Connemara.



Galway City, Connemara day tour

Galway City

The bohemian city of Galway with its winding streets quirky shops, street entertainers and market stalls is a fantastic place to visit. Some of the highlights we recommend are a stroll around the market or Shop stree, visit the Spanish arch down by the harbour. No visit to Galway would be complete without a visit to  the Cladagh ring museum.



Connemara, Kylemore Abbey, Galway

Took the Irish Day Tour to Connemara yesterday. This tour included the boat ride in Killary Fjord, driving through Connemara, Kylemore Abbey, and Galway. During the boat ride, there were varying degrees of rain and one small spot of sunshine. There are three levels on the boat. The first is a cafe under full cover, then a smaller second level that is also full cover, and the third is open air with an awning. You can move freely between the three levels, so I alternated between braving the rain for the best views and pictures, to relaxing with Irish coffee in the cafe. An all together pleasant trip and the rain added the benefit of dozens of beautiful waterfalls coming down the mountains.

Next we had a full hour and a half at Kylemore Abbey. We packed snacks with us so we chose not to eat a full lunch and explored the abbey, church, and mausoleum instead. The abbey is nicely preserved with antique furnishings and several religious vestments and items. The gothic church is beautiful with marble pillars from all over Ireland. Walking to all the places was nice with well kept pathways and scenery. You walk past Klyemore Lake which is also very pretty. Some people on our tour bus chose to take the shuttle to the gardens. The line for this was long and they barely had time to go, even with an hour and a half to spend.

On the way to Galway, our driver stopped to let us take pictures of Connemara. This only happens when time allows it and I was happy to get photos of the scenery without bus window glare.

Our last stop was Galway and we had an hour. It’s really not enough time to do much. We never made it to the harbor. But we had time to visit a couple of shops, listen to a few street musicians (there were many here), and sit in the park for a bit where we were dropped off.

Trip advisor June 2017

Cliffs of Moher and Wild Connemara

Two tours in two days. Day 1 was the Cliffs of Moher which were just as spectacular as described in brochures. The visitor centre is centrally located between two short cliff walks however most visitors choose to follow the trails outside of the boundaries of the attraction, this will certainly take more than the allotted 90 minute visit time even for the fit and nimble but the scenery is well worth it.
Day 2 was Wild Connemara which included Kylemore Abbey and Killary Fiord. The abbey has a fascinating (and romantic) history and a discounted entrance fee is available if you provide your driver’s name at the gate. The 90 minute cruise on the Killary Fiord travels past many mussel farms but the chilly air in May kept most tourists huddled inside the cafeteria. I’ll bet that outside deck space would be hard to find in warmer weather!

Trip advisor July 2017

Cork & Blarney, Belfast, Connemara & Galway

I went on these three tours in three days. Cork&Blarney i went on may 4 with Bud. He was an amazing tour guide! He was funny and gave us a lot of information and we had a great trip. Belfast may 5 although I dont recall the drivers name he did a good job as well! The bus we got though seemed to be getting near the end of its time though so might want to replace or stop using that one! Connemara and Galway had the most amazing views. That tour I did on may 6 with John (i think) and it was good as well! Rough drive due to the roads but very good!! This company does a great job getting you there, giving you information and teaching you the history and culture. I also went to the Irish Whiskey Museum on may 3 which also happens to be run by them as well! It was a fantastic tour with a tasting at the end!! I will be returning to Ireland in a year and doing the other tours I did not do this time with this company!! Can’t wait to return and see the country!!

Rose :)

Trip advisor May 2016

3 Tours with Extreme Ireland!

I took three tours with this company and each one was amazing and I can’t imagine myself having gone through any other company after these experiences. First, I did the “Cliff’s of Mohr” tour with Joseph and that landscape is just breathtaking, it was in the top three of the best experiences I had while on my solo trip to Ireland. Joseph was hilarious, friendly and VERY knowledgeable in Irish history. It was a great time. Second was the Cork City/Blarney Castle tour with Wayne and that was nothing short of an amazing time as well. While you visit the Blarney Castle you have to kiss the Blarney stone! and while in Cork you have to have a “Murphy’s Irish Stout” which was exciting for me due to sharing the last name with it. Wayne was hilariously entertaining and it was obvious that he is passionate about what he does and Ireland’s history. Third was the “Connemara” tour with David and this area is so beautiful and picturesque and it was definitely a surprise to do a 1.5 hour boat tour on the Atlantic when we got there. Talk about picture worthy experiences and memorable. Book with this company! I can’t imagine it being any better, seriously.

Trip advisor April 2016

Irish day tour (Connemara)

It was a lovely day with a beautiful weather on the west coast of Ireland today. We had great fun my friends and myself to enjoy all the landscapes and all the information Jame, our bus driver/guide, gave to us. Very happy to have done it with you #IrishDayTour ! Special mention for Jame of course ! Fabulous !

Trip advisor May 2016 



How long is the tour?  The tour takes between 12 and 12.5 hours (The journey to  Connemara takes approximately 4 hrs).

Do we stop for lunch?  Yes, we factor in 1 hour for lunch and take you to a good cafe. Lunch is not included however feel free to bring a packed lunch if you wish.

Are all entrance fees covered?  Yes, the customer has no extra expense except for lunch.

What should I wear ?   We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing wait a rain jacket and good footwear  as we spend a lot of time off the bus. Ground can be wet and muddy due to Ireland’s weather so we recommend suitable shoes are always worn.

Is there a reduction for student / seniors?  There is a €5 reduction for students and seniors.

Is there a reduction for children ?  Yes, children between 5yrs and 12yrs are half price.  Infants between 0yrs and 4yrs are Free.  Infant seats are available to add on the booking page at a cost of €15 each.  ( not compulsory ).

Is there a reduction for multiple bookings?  There is €5 reduction when you book a second tour and another €7 reduction on booking of a third tour.

Can we book this day tour as a private tour ?  Yes,  all our tours are available as private bookings for any group size.  For prices and further information please call our sales team at +00353 1 4100 700.

When is the official language of Connemara?  Some of Connemara is a gaeltacht area where Irish is the first language but every one can speak English.

Does the tour from Dublin to Connemara? Yes, we run our day tour from Dublin to the Cliffs of Moher every day except Christmas Day.



Connemara day tour
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